Saturday, April 11, 2015

Seven months later...

Well, that was a long blog hiatus! I hope no one was holding their breath waiting for an update.

Wisconsin was good ... and then winter came and hooboy, was I not prepared for that. I thought, Heck, I've done a ton of NY winters, HOW BAD COULD IT BE? Hahahahahaha! Turns out, I did not enjoy it. I enjoyed it like a giraffe enjoys a sore throat, like an elephant enjoys a stuffy nose, like an ant enjoys a child with a magnifying glass on a sunny day ... you get the idea.

I've been back in NM for about 6 weeks now and could not be more content. Sunshine, fabulous temps, finding my bliss again living in my Bliss.


I'm grateful for the time I spent in Wisconsin because it gave me great clarity about what I want and do not want. I really do love living in my little home on wheels. The sticks and bricks life is not for me. I love being able to travel on a whim, going whenever and wherever I want, following the weather and, most of all, being back in the southwest where I belong. I am HOME and right now, home is near Truth or Consequences, NM. In fact, I just changed my official residency to NM and that too feels great.

So, that's a big change and there's soon to be another. My older sister, Connie, has decided that Indiana is not the place to be (amen). She's in the process now of getting rid of everything that won't fit into a suitcase and will be flying here on the 19th of this month to start anew. She wants to be a nomad like her little sister and will start looking for her home on wheels when she gets here. Until she finds THE ONE, she'll stay with me, either sleeping in Bliss or in a tent nearby. I could not be happier for her or more excited for her. This is gonna be grand and it'll be so good to see her and spend time with her again. We've kept in touch but haven't seen each other since, gosh, I think it was 2010. I have the celebratory wine chilling and have stocked up on kleenex, she's already warned me she'll probably cry when she sees me, and not just because I look so much older now.

Jake and Tucker are loving being able to roam and run outside again. Ellen, my most senior kitty, shook off her mortal coil in March. It was time, and as with the kitties that died last spring, I'm so grateful that she left on her own terms.

Here's to you, Ellen. Thanks for sharing your life with me.