Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Going retro!

In our last episode, Connie was living with me while hunting for a RV of her own and had made an offer on an older man's trailer. What a cliffhanger!

This week's episode has Connie having bought, remodeled and currently living in her very own RV. It's a 1972 Winnebago Brave, retro before retro was cool.

Cameo by Jake

Cameo by Connie

Cameo by toilet

These pics are all pre-improvement. She now has wood laminate flooring, new fridge, new toilet, and the couch is now a bed. She's loving it and I'm loving that she's loving it, and loving that I have my Bliss all to myself again.

In MY news, I've scored a cushy camphost position up at Storrie Lake State Park and will head that way as soon as I have some work done on Bliss. I have a lot of play in my steering wheel, and have since I bought her. A mechanic friend who adjusted my timing noticed the play and looked at the steering components and declared a new drag link is in order. The driver side connection is all loosey goosey and can't be tightened. I was thinking 'Heck, it's been this way forever. Whatever' until he said, "When it goes, you'll lose all steering" so I'll have it replaced. Safety. Whatever.

I had some residual water line issues from Bliss' time in wintry Wisconsin. A few trips to the hardware store, some impressive body contortions (who needs yoga when you own an RV) and voilá! Water comes from the taps again. Such decadence, life just keeps on getting better and better!


  1. Connie's new RV is really nice inside! I'm impressed, and hope she will be very comfortable in it for a long time.

    Looking forward to seeing you! :)

  2. I especially like the last cameo. You can sort of tell it was owned by a man. ;)

  3. Like the Brave and bet the makeover is homey. Always nice to get your space back, and in repair. Hope you share more about the "cushy camphost" position.

  4. OMG! Connie doesn't have Midwest hair! She looks good, too. Not being in Indiana is good for people.

  5. OH I love Connie's Brave! And to think she didn't even have to pay over $100K to get that look which Winnebago has just reissued. Glad to hear you are having Bliss' steering fixed. That could get sketchy for sure. Lucky you to have a good mechanic for her when needed. That is one sweet sounding Camp Host position. Things are definitely going your way. Congrats to Connie!.

  6. Soooo when do we get to see the Winnebago updated version?

    Good for sista.

  7. Nice! Yes let's see the updated version. And tell us about Storrie Lake!

  8. hey Annie congrats on campground position. awesome. hope your doing welll. Lucy from tucson

  9. I liked the Brave in the before pictures now I can't wait to see it finished Connie's way. I want to get to Storrie Lake to check it out. It was on my list for this summer's travels but as usual have had set backs. Had a bad scare with Fred but he is fine. We are now camped at Lucy's place.

  10. Hi Annie! My name is Annie too and I am hoping to buy an Aero Cruiser in the very near future! I have 2 fur friends, Chihuahua type dogs. I was wondering if you had any words of wisdom you can offer about 'Bliss' ownership? I'm not the most mechanically inclined, but I'm very curious and always wanting to learn! The rig I'm looking at appears to be mechanically sound, just needs some updating inside. I hope you're having an excellent summer and I hope to see you out on the road!
    Happy trails to one Annie from another!

  11. Hey Annie, how are things at Storrie? We haven't been there yet this summer which is weird because we usually spend a lot of time there in the spring/summer. (We met you there last year when we had that site you wanted and I came down to get you when we left.)

    Anyway...just wondering if there have been non-reservable electric sites available (midweek) or if we need to make a reservation. I saw Roxie say on her blog that they were all full when she was there a few weeks ago and I was wondering if it's still pretty busy there.

    Hope you're enjoying camphosting. Thanks in advance for any info.

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