Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Checking in

Well, it looks like I post once every six or seven months. Too much? I hope I'm not overwhelming everyone with all this minutiae.

Made some improvements to Bliss over the summer. The biggest was outfitting her with 200 watts of solar. I bought all the components from Renogy (highly recommended) and went to work. Many of you know Sue Soaring Sun; her guy, Steve, helped me pinpoint the best location to drill a hole through the dash to run the wiring and he handed the panels up to me on the roof after helping put the mounting hardware on them. Here's the finished product.

2 12V AGMs are hiding in the box
I have 2 battery banks and so decided to keep it simple and keep them separated, so I have one solar panel going to each battery bank and each has its own charge controller. The bank in the engine compartment handles all 12v rig functions and the bank in the passenger foot well is connected to the inverter and charges all of my electronics. It all works just perfectly and I'm a happy camper.

Other improvements include a new kitchen faucet, and I removed the unused sink beside my bed and turned it into an actual bedside table.

But by far the biggest improvement is this guy! ...

Master Cuddler and Fetcher Extraordinaire

I welcomed Zip to the family early November and he is so awesome. He gets along great with Jake and Tucker, loves to cuddle, loves to play fetch, loves to love. A happy, happy boy.

Life is good!


  1. The rig is looking fine as are you and your latest addition too. I think at least once a month post would be nice.

  2. Good to hear from you. Love all of your additions!!

  3. Love that picture of you and Zip. Looks like Jake is happy to have a doggie friend. But where is "the story" of Zip? How did he come to be found or find you guys? Great job on the solar. You are the boondocking queen once again even if you don't have a composting toilet. You could actually comment more often than every 6 or 7 months. Since you neither post nor comment on anyone's posts, how are we to know you are alive and well? Say, and where's your sister. You have a lot to write about Miss Annie so you'd best get busy.

  4. You forgot to describe how Zip "smiles" at intruders, real and potential. I remembered that off and on all day, and laughed every time.

  5. Nice to see you out & about Annie & that Zip a de do dah guy looks like quite a cuddler alright. Good for you getting all that solar installed.

  6. That's one of the happiest-looking dogs I've ever seen. Beautiful!!

  7. Life is Good - what more could we ask. Love all the improvements - but the solar and Zip are the best. He's such a cutie! No judgement on times between posts - I've been just as bad! :)